Underprivileged youth need to know they're powerful, too.

We're on a mission to help them with specialized comic book and video game-based programming.


Updates more powerful than a locomotive.

Youth who feel powerless have a hard time taking good steps to better themselves.

We decided to meet our kids where they are in 2017 using what they love—”nerd and pop-culture” (comic books, anime and video games). These fictional characters, worlds, and interactive activities help our kids develop positive identities and relationships not only with others but themselves.

Our kids see an increase in their literacy, social-emotional learning, emotional intelligence, sportspersonship, and learn they are all they need to make a difference in their communities.

Our Programming

Over 200 youth served—and counting!

Gaming for the greater good

We use video games to create safe spaces, inclusive communities, good sportspersonship, and social-emotional learning environments.

Helping literacy soar

We use graphic novels, comic books, and manga to improve literacy in secondary education.

Bringing big city cons to our backyard

We bring big city comic con cosplay, entertainment, celebrity guests, artists, and local vendors right to Ypsilanti’s backyard to celebrate inclusivity.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster a generation of future heroes through empowering events and programs based in nerd culture, such as video games and comic books, for underserved and marginalized youth.

People of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, women, and people with low socioeconomic status.

Our vision

Create a community of empowered youth that recognize the hero within themselves and change their communities.

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