Young people around the world are using their voices to be champions for social change—and they need our help! On October 2, 10AM-1PM EST , Bold Futures and Hero Nation are joining forces to present a virtual event that helps students (14-18) identify and address social issues using visioning, entrepreneurship values, comics and superheroes. 


Our unique method allows us to combine entrepreneurial visioning precepts with comic book and creative content creation , superheroes and self-empowerment and exercises 


Greg A. Elysée

CREATOR OF is'nana the were-spider

Greg Anderson Elysée is a Haitian-American, educator, filmmaker, model, and award-winning comic book writer. He’s also the creator of Is’nana: The Were-Spider, a comic series based on Anansi ,the trickster god of the Akan people of Ghana. He is also the writer for 133art’s OneNation:Sronghold.”

— The Flash

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