OCTOBER 10,2020

every kid can
be a hero.

They only need the tools to learn how—that’s where we step in. Using comic books, video games and other nerdy tools, we’re on a mission to foster a future generation of empowered youth. 

Join us on October 10 at 2PM EST for our free online Facebook presentation as we discuss the intersection of social justice and comic books and representation with comic creators for our new program, the Creator Alliance, and share our story through the eyes of aspirational young people as they define what it means to be a hero.

The Youth


I’m Aaliyah! I’m a singer, dancer and aspiring actress. The DC Superhero Girls are my favorite heroes. I also love Teen Titans and other comic book heroes that my brother watches. I want to tell stories that make people laugh & love themselves like the shows I like do.


My name is Darrel Shakur! I’m an aspiring engineer, a big brother. I love comic book heroes! Spider-Man is my favorite superhero because of how dedicated he is to helping people. I also really love the Avengers, Teen Titans, Batman and Ironheart.


I’m Destiny! Almost every sentence is a reference to a vine, movie, anime or song when I talk. I’m kinda obsessed with bob Ross and anime. I was bob ross for Halloween. I watch anime everyday, right now I’m trying to collect anime socks.

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